Alliance Appliance Repair & service

Alliance Appliance Repair & service

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About Alliance Appliance Services

Alliance Appliance LLC is a appliance repair company in the Springfield, VA servicing most of in Washington, DC and surrounding cities in Maryland and Virginia. We focus on outstanding customer service and fast results.

We service most home appliance brands , we offer free estimate with repair otherwise if the customer decides not to proceed with his appliance repair he or she will be charged $59 as a diagnostic fee.

At Alliance Appliance Service, we want to guarantee the best service to our customers. That’s why we have the very best qualified staff and technicians on our team.

Alliance Appliance LLC is a appliance repair company

Need Installation, Quality Service or Repair?

When one of your electrical appliances breaks, Alliance Appliance Services can help you repair or replace your machine as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. To make an enquiry about our services, call us today!


We Repair Any Equipment

Our company provides a full range of services for the repair of household appliances of almost all brands and models of both domestic and imported production.

Cooling Appliance Repair Service

Cooling Appliance

Cooking Appliance Repair Service

Cooking Appliance

Laundry Appliance Repair- Service

Laundry Appliance


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Brands We Work With

We serve almost any home appliances. Our customers are happy that we can work with such a wide list, as not every company can take on certain devices. Here are the brands with which we work:

$35 off first time caller with completed repair involving any part replacement